Here is Why You Should Consider CLPG Packaging

    CLPG Packaging Industries Sdn. Bhd. was found in 20 December 2002, and is a Manufacturing and Exporter of many products. Some of the products produced and manufactured by CLPG Packaging Industries include plastic corrugated sheets, boxes and partitions. 

    CLPG Packaging has a mission to create better value for stakeholders with utmost passion. CLPG has a vision that aims to create an international centre for excellence. CLPG Packaging ensures the quality of their employees excels in career growth and work-life integration and balance. CLPG Packaging also ensures the quality of returns for all investors, as well as engaging in excellent strategic partnerships with quality suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders. 

    One of the main products produced by CLPG Packaging is their corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic come in three types of categories, which are General Grade, Print Grade and Conductive Grade. Corrugated plastic sheets has a number of benefits, which includes: 

    • Durability
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Versatility
    • Fibre free
    • Reusable and Returnable
    • Printable
    • Light weight
    • Less pilferage
    • Custom-made with less tooling cost
    • Effective in storing and packing
    • Chemical resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Resistant to impacts
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Ensured customer loyalty
    • Allows customization. 


    One of the reasons of why you should consider CLPG Packaging is that CLPG Packaging prioritize on their Quality Policy.

    1. Customers First

    • CLPG Packaging always provides the best products and services to maximise the customer’s satisfaction.

    2. Leadership

    • CLPG Packaging strives and aims to be the market leading, by continuous learning and improvement.

    3. Productivity

    • CLPG Packaging aims to achieve high productivity and cost-effectiveness through planning and operating effectively. 
    • They emphasize on the health and safety of its workers, as well as they work towards 100% On-Time Delivery to its customers.

    4. Growth

    • CLPG aims to grow and innovate their company through R&D and Technology.


    CLPG Packaging also focuses on fulfilling their Environmental Policies while growing and improving the quality of their products to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

    • To meet all the requirements of Legal and other Regulatory.
    • To meet all the requirements of relevant environmental legislation, and regulations.
    • Preventing Pollution and Conservation of Resources.
      • Making sure that all environmental protection remains one of CLPG Group’s basic principles 
      • Implementing equal emphasis to product quality and environmental protection.
    • Promote Environmental Management through Effective Communication
      • Creating and promoting a sense of responsibility for environmental protection among all employees as well as external contact groups.
    • To Grow through the Improvement of Product and Process 
      • Establishing and promoting continual improvement programs through resource conservation recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention.

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